Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Made in Chelsea Experience

This is a different type of blog post to what I normally do, but I feel that since I watched my first episode of Made in Chelsea this morning, I should share it with you. For those of you who don't know what Made in Chelsea is (which I highly doubt is many of you), it's basically a "reality" television series similar to Jersey Shore, TOWIE, and Real Housewives, except it's all young people in their 20's who are incredibly rich and live in a VERY POSH place in London known as Chelsea. Hence the name Made in CHELSEA (even though the series does also feature a bunch of other very posh and expensive places, and most of these seem to be places that I've either heard of but can't point out on a map, or places with names that I can't pronounce, such as: Marrakech, Chamonix and Verbier.

Aaaanyways, here is my Made in Chelsea experience, and how it all happened...

So this morning I was really bored as my alarm clock either seems to not go off at all at the moment, or go off at a completely random time around the 6:30-7:45 time (don't ask me why those times), so as I had a few hours to kill before anything I had planned to do today. I decided to watch some TV, as it was just me and my sister in the house, and because she was still asleep, I could have first choice and full control over the remote, and therefore, what I watched (10 points to Ravenclaw).

After flicking through the channels and realising that it was still to early to watch pretty much anything besides the news and teleshopping (what is this - it always seems to be on?!) and feeling slightly down in the dumps that even comedy central (my favourite channel, I must admit) was showing this "teleshopping" and not friends (), I saw that "Made in Chelsea" was showing on E4. Now, I've never really been a devoted fan of these "Reality" TV shows, as there always seems to be a little note to tell you that it's not all real, and that "some scenes have been created for your entertainment", and I've actually never watched Made in Chelsea before today (please don't judge me), and I have to say, I actually enjoyed watching it (again: please don't judge).

It was the very first episode of Made In Chelsea, so I suppose that the people who have watched this watched it with the same astonishment, open mindedness and unexpectedness as I did. My favourite quote in the whole program came from a man called Francis Boulle, the owner of "Francis Boulle Enterprises", and who is described as "a diamond-mining heir" (bearing in mind that this is all at the age of 22). Here are 3 other fun facts about the man who said the quote that has had me smiling all day:

1. His full name is Francis Maximilien Yvan Christophe Boulle. (I felt it necessary to put the full stop at the end so you know that there are no more names)
2. He has been "romantically linked" to Emma Watson
3. (My personal favourite) In 2011, he made a website which allows people to rate the attractiveness of all the members of the House of Commons, called (are you ready for this?) www.sexymp.co.uk (I promise you this is no word of a lie, currently the most attractive MP is Eilidh Whiteford, and the least attractive:- Steve McCabe. I also feel a special note should be made here - there is a Rebecca making a cheeky appearance at no.7 ;) (woohoo))

So, down to the quote-worthy stuff. In the episode, Mr Boulle was having his portrait painted, and he was holding a globe in one hand (apparently in years to come we will all know why..) and a pineapple in the other. He then goes on to explain why he has a pineapple, which is where all the fun begins...

"In the 15th/16th century, all the portraits painted had pineapples in them, because pineapples were symbolic of wealth and travel, and obviously access to exotic foods and places"

 ME: "This sounds good right, he obviously knows his stuff"

"But then, when they became tinned, they became common."


I think the thing that struck me the most was how serious he was, and how when he realised that they were considered "common" he immediately went off the pineapple, and decided to just have the globe in his hand in his portrait.

Overall, I have mixed emotions as to how I now love Made in Chelsea, and feel sort of miffed that I'm actually considered common because I eat tinned pineapples...ah well.

One of my (many) favourite moments in the episode I watched: 3 posh people trying to work out who wrote Winnie The Pooh
Credit: E4/Tumblr

NOTE TO SELF: Invest in a new alarm clock. That works properly.

- I've just found out that Made in Chelsea was only put on E4 because they decided to cancel Friends. Oh.
Not sure how to feel now :(


  1. This post made me laugh so much! And I love Ollie so much!

    1. Awww thank you! I agree - so far he's my favourite person!(purely based on the first episode) Think I may need to get myself one of those jumpers though!x


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