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Musician of the Month | Shannon Saunders

Hello and welcome to this month's edition of musician of the month! As the title tells you, this month it's going to be on the wonderful and gorgeous Shannon Saunders! Now, I know that many of you might not know who she is, as she doesn't belong to some big record label and get played on the radio, but in my opinion, she's much better than half of the people that are played on the radio.


Shannon Saunders is unique in many many different ways. She's not afraid to be different, and she even set up her own record label "Lovejoy Records" because she wanted to have more control over what she released and when. Some of you may be thinking that Lovejoy is just a nice little name she thought up because it sounds pretty, but one other thing about Shannon Saunders is the amount she shares about her personal life on various social medias. I know it sounds weird, but I think I probably know more about her than the people who live down my road. ( ~ would just like to say I don't stalk her. to be fair to me my neighbours are REALLY unsociable ~ ) She tells us all about what's going on in her life, shares her holiday snaps with us, and posts videos of her gorgeous and incredibly adorable little nephew, Pierson. (I literally want to keep him, in a non-abductive-and-completely-legal way. yeah.) So anyway, back to the main point about Lovejoy records. Shannon also has a blog on her official website (which of course she designed and runs all by herself), and she posted this about why she chose "Lovejoy Records":
"Basically, My nan's mum was a very popular character in our family as she was always singing, joking around, telling hilarious stories and just being a bloody brilliant woman. My nan's mum's surname was Lovejoy so we all decided in the family it would only be right, now my nan's passed away, to call the label "Lovejoy Records" in honour of her."
N'awww, that's nice isn't it? And do you know what else is nice? HER BLOODY FANTASTIC VOICE. Honestly, if you don't fall in love, I recommend that you go get your hearing tested. Seriously. I'm not joking. Miss Saunders currently has 4 songs you can buy on iTunes, two of which she recorded for the Disney film "Tangled", and those are called "The Glow" and "I see the light". Shannon has posted covers on her YouTube for a good few years now, and they are all incredible. She's actually introduced me to other artists through her covers, for example Christina Perri and Jessie Ware. Personally, my favourite covers she's done are a cover of Kodaline's "All I Want" and "I Can't Make You Love Me", amongst many more (of course). Even though these are all amazing, where Shannon really shines is in her ridiculously good songwriting skills! I mean, this girl is incredible. Her tunes are always mega-catchy, and her lyrics are insane. Two of Shannon's originals are on iTunes that you can buy, her first ever single "Heart of Blue", and her more recent one, "Scars". As I've mentioned before, Shannon shares a lot of her life with her followers, and she also recommends a lot of other singers on her Twitter pages, such as Hobbie Stuart (who I am now addicted to - and he's rather easy on the eye as well ;) ) In fact, I'm so obsessed with Mr Stuart at the moment, I may have to do a blog post about him soon. (This gives me an excuse to say that I am being "productive" whilst looking at videos of him and pictures of him. Sounds good to me.)

Another lovely thing about the wonderful Miss Saunders is how much you feel you can relate to her as a teenage girl. She's honestly a normal human being, who's just been gifted with the voice of a goddess (and the looks to be honest). Her lyrics are so easy to relate to, and she has normal problems that she talks about, for example, her heartbreaks, her friends, and not knowing what outfit to wear for the day (even though she looks gorgeous in practically everything...*sigh*). She also doesn't use huge famous people in her advertising and to do things such as making her music videos. She recorded both of her music videos to go with the singles on iTunes with the wonderful Damian Weilers, and amazingly, her video "Heart of Blue" video only cost £9 to make (for the tube and bus fare), compared to the hundreds, or maybe even thousands (I'm not clued up on these things) that other pop "stars" cost to make a music video.

If I haven't convinced you yet that she is one of the most perfect human beings on the universe, here are 3 more reasons you should love her/want to be her/her best friend.

  1. She is literally the only girl who can wear double denim and STILL look fabulous
  2. She is like me and without releasing calls everyone and everything "lovely". Seriously, just check out anything she posts
  3. She posts hilarious and relatable tweets on the good ol' twitter. My two favourites currently:
    1. "The ;) face always seems a bit sexual doesn't it? If you saw my ;) face in real life you'd think differently."
    2. "Some people are like flies. The buzzy annoying ones that smack into the windows and never seem to leave"
Yup, this girl is actually the definition of perfect.

Soooo....I think I have well and truly emptied my brain of all things that are currently residing there. I'm sure I'll think of more reasons as to why I love Shannon Saunders but maybe in the mean time you should check out her own music, videos, and make your own reasons up!

Possibly my favourite ever cover in the whole wide world by a YouTuber:

Shannon's newest single, which you can buy on iTunes (link on her social networks and in video description).

My favourite original by Shannon, which is unfortunately not on iTunes :(

lemmie hear ya say chuuunne!

How to stalk Shannon (in a friendly and completely legal way):
Official Website

~ Sorry if this post is rambly. I've got mountains of school work and had to work unexpectedly today, so I think I've made up a few words here and there ~

Thank you!


  1. Hi Rebecca! I really like your blog therefore I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If your interested then come and visit xx

  2. She is an amazing singer! Really liked reading this post :)

    xo Mel


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